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Bolt pre tightening force testing service and solution

JRONT provides bolt pre tension testing services for industrial automation customers, which can perform pre tension testing on most bolt types without the need for special pre-treatment of bolts during testing. It plays an important role in helping customers maximize running time and minimize malfunctions.

Service tenet:

Our measurement services aim to provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions about maintenance and repair processes, ensuring the continuous efficiency and reliability of your assets. We are committed to providing excellent service and support to our customers, and we take pride in providing accurate and reliable data that you can trust.

Service advantages:

We provide comprehensive measurement services for the assets of industry clients.

*Our cutting-edge service utilizes ultrasonic technology to verify the mechanical integrity of bolted connections in mechanical equipment.

*Our experienced team thoroughly and accurately measures the bolt connections of mechanical equipment, providing you with detailed data on asset conditions. Then, our team will analyze these data and provide valuable insights into the health status of mechanical equipment.

*By utilizing our measurement services, you can reduce maintenance costs and avoid unnecessary re tightening of bolts. This helps to reduce downtime of energy production assets and improve asset utilization.

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Motor and generator malfunctions can occur at any time. We provide industrial maintenance professionals with intelligent, data-driven decision-making for motor and generator assets in use. Promptly detect weak insulation.

Motor testing services and solutions

If you are like many of our customers, minimizing unplanned downtime through maintenance plans and motor reliability plans is the top priority. These plans are by no means easy, but we can help you make them easier.

JRONT can provide motor testing services and provide customers with test reports, as well as trend analysis data for motors.

Our motor testing service uses a motor tester that can automatically track the test data of each motor and generator over time, including partial discharge (PD). The results can be viewed in Microsoft Excel or trend analyzed using database software.

Service advantages:

*All motor testing equipment for testing services is our company's agent product.

*We have professional on-site testing engineers to provide you with services

*We can provide customers with test reports and assist them in analyzing existing issues

Compliance with standards:

The requirements for the three main standards of surge test voltage:

*ANSI/EASA AR100-2015

*IEEE 522-2004

*IEC 60034-15 3.0 edition 2009

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The petrochemical industry is a pillar industry in China. Sinopec has large refineries and chemical plants, and safety production cannot be separated from the daily maintenance and upkeep of equipment. In order to meet production requirements, complex machinery and equipment in operation need to be regularly inspected and repaired. Once shut down due to faults, it will cause huge economic losses and safety hazards

The application of modern testing instruments and solutions in the field of equipment maintenance in the petrochemical industry.

JRONT measuring instruments are applied to the following equipment:

Various motors such as AC and DC motors, permanent magnet motors, traction motors, etc


Portable bolt detection and analysis system for pre tightening force testing of various bolt systems

Electrical equipment

Some key equipment, such as the motor system, requires the use of a static motor and winding analyzer (ITIG IV) for detection. Electrical equipment requires the use of a waveform recorder (DL950) or high-performance power analyzer WT1800, power quality analyzer (CW500), and bolts need to be monitored using a Bolt-Check system. In the petrochemical industry, strict requirements for equipment explosion-proof performance are often encountered, so that it can be used in explosive environments. For example, oil refineries have explosion-proof considerations, and we have explosion-proof multimeters.

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