Model:Power quality analyzer CW500

Place of Origin:Japan

Power quality analyzer CW500

CW500 power quality analyzer is a portable field power measuring instrument using current clamp, which is suitable for power consumption measurement and power quality analysis of power supply lines. It can catch short time power fault and comply with IEC 61000-4-30 Class S.



  • Power measurement and recording

  • Power quality measurement

  • User support

  • Data analysis and report creation

  • Power measurement and recording

  • It can simultaneously measure 3-channel voltage input, 4-channel current clamp input and 2-channel DC voltage input.

  • It can display the instantaneous value, average value, maximum/minimum value of voltage, current, power, power factor, phase angle, phase leading capacitance, DC voltage input and other items. The display mode can be numerical list or trend chart.

  • The integral electric quantity of active power, reactive power and apparent power consumed and occurred shall be displayed respectively.

  • By comparing the power consumption with the target demand, the actual power demand can be monitored on the instrument body screen.

Power quality measurement


Measure the temporary fault on the power supply line

  • Temporary faults on power supply lines, such as voltage surge, voltage dip, voltage interruption, transient overvoltage, inrush current, etc., may cause equipment failure or damage the equipment μ The high-speed sampling rate of s captures such phenomena as events, and calculates the effective value.

  • Event data includes fault type, fault occurrence time or fault end time, measured value and voltage/current waveform of all channels, with a period of about 200ms.

  • The measurement method follows IEC 61000-4-30 Class S.

Measure continuous faults on power supply lines


  • Measure and display the harmonic components and total harmonics of voltage, current and power of each phase, and the harmonic times can be up to 50 times. The display mode can be chart or list.

Wave form

  • Each channel can display up to 10 or 12 voltage/current waveforms.

Unbalance rate

  • Display the voltage unbalance rate and current unbalance rate of 3-phase connection.

CW500Viewer (with PC software)

  • Click on the file data on the screen to automatically create charts and reports.

  • Uniformly manage host setting data.

  • Real time measurement is realized with USB communication.

Data type

  • Power data, power quality event data, host setting data, screen capture data.

Memory card and interface

  • D card, USB communication, Bluetooth communication (only available in the United States, Canada and Japan).

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