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Jront Control Technology Co., Ltd provides technology products, testing and maintenance solutions, and on-site testing technology services to meet the rapid development of various fields in China.
The company's business covers multiple industries, mainly including military industry, aircraft manufacturing, airports, shipbuilding, offshore platforms, railways, rail transit, and wind energy!
All technical service personnel of the company have received professional technical training from foreign manufacturers. At the same time, as the technical guidance and expert team of the company, the company has hired domestic industry experts as technical consultants to provide technical services and guidance to customers.
Jront Control Technology Co., Ltd adopts a marketing model based on technological innovation, customer-centric, and service-oriented. With profound industry accumulation, innovative work, and scientific and strict management, it ensures stable and reliable product quality and more comprehensive technical services. The company has clearly divided its organizational structure into five important departments: the Marine Engineering and Aerospace Division, the Railway and Rail Transit Division, the Electric Power and New Energy Division, the Engineering Technology Department, and the Field-Testing Department.
The company has cooperated with multiple advanced foreign enterprises for many years and established long-term and stable partnership relationships! Such as American Electrom instruments,inc. British company Findlay Irvine ltd, Danish company R&D Engineering A/S, Italian company IVM S.R.I. German company Rudolph tietzsch gmbh and,German company Herbert Gehrisch Elektrotechnik Gmbh , and Japanese company Yokogawa.
For Taiwan Formosa Plastics, Wolong Electric Vestas Motor China Ameco Aircraft Maintenance, Shenyang Aircraft Manufacturing Factory, Chengdu Aircraft Manufacturing Factory, CRRC Qingdao Sifang Vehicle Factory, Qingdao Bombardier, Tangshan Bus Vehicle Factory, Aka Railway, Qinghai Tibet Railway, Beijing Metro, Shanghai Metro, Guangzhou Metro, Nanjing Metro and other enterprises provide testing equipment and after-sales service training services!
At present, we have also signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Singapore's AAI company to provide testing technology services for domestic ships, helicopter platforms, and offshore platforms. We provide long-term testing and technical services for clients such as Shanghai Waigaoqiao, COSCO Shipping Heavy Industry, COSCO Dalian Shipbuilding, Qingdao Penguin Project, China Merchants Nantong, Shanghai Shipbuilding, and COSCO Shipping Heavy Industry!
In order to establish international cooperation and communication with foreign manufacturers, the company established UTA(ASIA)CO., LIMITED in Hong Kong in 2010, with its headquarters located in Hong Kong, responsible for overseas and international business!

Corporate culture

Mission Statement

Honesty pragmatic
Technology rushed to
Innovation and enterprising
Give back to society

Management aim

The market is the sea
The quality is the ship
The brand is the sail

Service tenet

Provide quality service
Take actions to satisfy users
Open up new market situation
Establish a new corporate image

Enterprise style

The economic benefits,
Management system,
The work principle,
Work efficiency.

Marketing strategy

Unique scheme, excellent quality
High cost performance, punctual delivery
Flexible strategy and excellent service.

Corporate ethics

Honest and pragmatic

Management idea

Credit first, quality first!



The company was restructured from a state-owned enterprise into a limited liability company, which opened a new journey for the company's development. The company entered the power sector from serving aerospace customers.


The company has expanded its business to petrochemical, aircraft manufacturing, metallurgy and steel and other fields. A big push into mobile communications and telecommunications.


With the industrial adjustment of the country, the company has also adjusted the scope of its business, stepped into the field of communications and rail transit, and achieved comprehensive development in the field of rail transit.


The company has participated in the supply of communication and test equipment for key projects of the Beijing Olympic Games, the transformation of Beijing Metro Line 1/2 and other national key projects.


The company participated in the high-speed train operation control system laboratory project, which laid a solid foundation for the official operation of Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway.


Won the general subcontracting project of Zhengzhou Metro Line 1, Wuxi Metro Line 2, Nanning Metro and other subway projects.


We have introduced our products into the field of vehicle equipment manufacturing and become the supplier of Qingdao Sifang, Tangshan Bus, Qingdao Bombardier and other manufacturers.


Become the general agent of Findlya Irvine Ltd in China, bringing new products and opportunities to develop the domestic airport industry


The company will focus on high-end products, intelligent products, and green technology products; Develop national key investment industries, steadily develop railway and rail transit industries, enter airports, military industry, ocean and other industries.


2023 is a year of riding the wind and breaking the waves. The company has participated in thirteen exhibitions this year and completed platform friction testing services for 10 ships! And successfully selected as a high-tech enterprise!



Engineering and Aerospace
Railway and track
Electricity and new energy
Engineering Department
Field test department
Administration Department
Finance Department
Regulation department

Glory Qualification

Certification certificate

Cooperative partner

Singapore AAi
American Electrom
Findley Irvine of England
Yokogawa Corporation of Japan
Tietzsch, Germany
Denmark R&D

Forge ahead and lead the industry.