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Company Profile

In order to meet the rapid development of various fields in China, Jront Control Technology Co.,Ltd provides global high-tech products, comprehensive test and maintenance solutions, and on-site test technology services
The company's business covers many industries, including military industry, aircraft manufacturing, airport, ship manufacturing, marine engineering platform, railway, rail transit and wind energy
All technical service personnel of the company have received professional technical training from foreign manufacturers. At the same time, as the company's technical guidance and expert team, the company has hired domestic relevant industry experts as its technical consultants to provide technical services and guidance to customers
Beijing Jierun Xinte Automation Control Technology Co., Ltd adopts a marketing model based on technical innovation, customer-centered, service-oriented, leading technical ideas, deep industry accumulation, innovative work and scientific and strict management to ensure stable and reliable product quality and more comprehensive technical services. The company has made a clear division in terms of organizational structure: it has five important departments, including the Marine Engineering and Aerospace Business Department, the Railway and Rail Transit Business Department, the Electric Power and New Energy Business Department, the Engineering Technology Department, and the Field Test Department
Over the years, the company has cooperated with many advanced foreign enterprises and established a long-term and stable partnership! For example, Electrom of the United States, Findlay of the United Kingdom, R&D of Denmark, IVM of Italy, Tietzsch of Germany, HGE of Germany, Yokogawa of Japan
Provide high-end testing equipment and after-sales service training services for Taiwan Formosa Plastics, Wolong Electric, Vestas Electric China, Ameco Aircraft Maintenance, Shenyang Aircraft Manufacturing Factory, Chengdu Aircraft Manufacturing Factory, CRRC Qingdao Sifang Vehicle Factory, Qingdao Bombardier, Tangshan Passenger Vehicle Factory, Akka Railway, Qinghai-Tibet Railway, Beijing Metro, Shanghai Metro, Guangzhou Metro, Nanjing Metro and other enterprises
At present, we have also signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Singapore AAI to provide detection technology services for domestic ships, helicopter platforms and offshore platforms. Long-term inspection and technical services for customers such as Shanghai Waigaoqiao, COSCO Marine Heavy Industry, COSCO Dalian Shipping, Qingdao Penguin Project, China Merchants Nantong, Shanghai Shipping, COSCO Heavy Industry, etc
In order to better establish international cooperation and exchanges with foreign manufacturers, the company established Unitech (Asia) Technology Co., Ltd. in Hong Kong in 2010, and set up its headquarters in Hong Kong, responsible for overseas and international business!



Services & Solutions

Provide high-quality and complete services and solutions, and put user satisfaction in the first place. For each customer, we should understand and analyze different needs and environments in detail, and provide perfect services and solutions for customers.


Platform / Road inspection

High-efficiency testing service addresses every customer's needs and provides high-quality service for customers.


With products that keep pace with the times, we keep pace with customers' high standards and requirements with high quality and efficiency.

  • Industry application
  • Friction coefficient testing equipment
  • Bolt-Check system
  • Static Motor Tester and Winding Analyzer
  • Oscilloscopes
  • Voltage tester
  • Nondestructive testing of steel wire rope

Industry application



R&D Engineering A/S

Findlay friction system test equipment


Nondestructive testing of steel wire rope

Friction coefficient testing equipment


Micro GripTester Helideck

Micro GripTester Roads

GripTester MK2 For Airports

GripTester For Highways

Bolt-Check system


Bolt-Check system

Static Motor Tester and Winding Analyzer


iTIG III Static Motor Tester and Winding Analyzer



DLM5000 Series Mixed Signal Oscilloscope

DLM3000 Series Mixed Signal Oscilloscope

DL950 ScopeCorder Data Acquisition Recorder

DL350 Portable ScopeCorder

SL1000 High Channel Count ScopeCorder

IS8000 Integrated Software Platform

High precision power analyzer WT5000

Power quality analyzer CW500

Voltage tester


Prüfball SPB Analog

Prüfball SPB Digital

MultiSafe DSP 4

MultiSafe DSP 5


ProfiSafe LSP 4

MultiSafe HS 5

MultiSafe HS 11

MultiSafe HS 36

MultiSafe TT 1

MultiSafe TT 36

MultiSafe TT-OB


ΩMegaSafe ISO 1 / ISO 1Ex

ΩMegaSafe EP 4 / EP 4Ex

Prüfball SPB-UB-S

MultiSafe DSP-HW 2

Nondestructive testing of steel wire rope


Wire rope NDT equipment - Industrial and offshore cargo lifting

Case Exhibition

The whole machine is imported with original packaging, with stable performance and high cost performance. We sincerely serve you.

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  • Video case

ITIG III D6 Portable Motor Testing and Winding Analyzer Test Case - Taiyuan CSSC

The testing motor parameters provided by the customer on site of CSSC in Taiyuan are rated voltage: 690V, power: 6200KW. Automated testing was conducted using iTIG III D6 portable motor testing and winding analyzer. After completion, the second test was conducted by switching to manual mode. At the testing site, the customer was trained on the practical operation of portable motor testing and winding analyzer. All technical personnel on site learned both fully automatic and manual modes. The customer has affirmed the comprehensiveness and operational flexibility of the testing functions of the iTIG III D6 model. At the same time, the customer compared the test results of the iTIG III D6 model with the test data of the existing motor detection equipment in the workshop, fully proving the accuracy of the portable motor testing and winding analyzer test data.

Nanjing CRRC Puzhen - Demonstration case of on-site Bolt-Check system

After arriving at the dismantling workshop of CRRC Puzhen in Nanjing, the on-site staff carried out a simple treatment on the fixing bolts of the bogie, which met the testing conditions. I demonstrated the testing process of the overall elongation of bolts to the customer. Adjust the tightness of bolts by changing the waveform of elongation. It fully demonstrates the characteristics of fast data search and traceability of bolt labels. The customer is satisfied with the accuracy of measuring the actual length and elongation of bolts using the equipment, and the sensor data collection sensitivity is relatively high.


1.Test all motors of the vehicle. The items carried out are: low voltage: capacitance, inductance, impedance, phase angle, power factor measurement, etc. High voltage: insulation strength, DC insulation withstand voltage, surge test, partial discharge test, coil resistance test, etc.

2.After the test, issue the test report and communicate with each other on site.

3.Test and measure according to iec61934, iects61934, ieee522 and other standards.

Case Exhibition

We pay close attention to the development of various industries, explore and learn from the advanced products and technologies at home and abroad, improve ourselves in the process of serving customers, and promote the development of this industry as well as the development of related industries.

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【Exhibition News】JRONT Appears at the China International Modern Railway Technology and Equipment Exhibition (MODERN RAILWAYS)

The 16th China International Exhibition on MODERN Railway Technology and Equipment (MODERN RAILWAYS 2023) will be held at the China International Exhibition Center (Chaoyang Hall) from November 14 to 16.



【 Exhibition News 】 JRONT Appears at CWP Beijing International Wind Energy Conference



[ Talking point ] Ultrasonic clamp load testing: the best way to ensure correct bolt pretension



[ Exhibition News ] JRONT appeared at Silk Road Xinjiang Petroleum and Chemical Industry Expo

Focusing on the goal of "dual carbon" and promoting smart, clean and green development, Xinjiang's energy resources play a very important role in ensuring national energy security and serving the construction of the "Belt and Road", and have great development potential. Xinjiang petrochemical industry has established production bases of petrochemical industry, coal chemical industry, salt chemical industry, chlor-alkali and fine chemical industry with different scales and characteristics, such as Karamay, Jundong, Kui (Tun) -Duzi (Shanzi), Shihezi, Urumqi, Tupan (Lufan) -Ha (Mi), Kuche (Bai) and Korla. Xinjiang petrochemical industry is faced with such contradictions and problems as the proportion of upstream development is too large, the proportion of downstream deep processing is too small, scientific and technological innovation and research and development capabilities are relatively weak, and industrial supporting conditions are relatively backward. In order to accelerate the extension, supplement, extension and strengthening of the chain of Xinjiang's petrochemical industry, promote the upgrading of the industrial base and the modernization of the industrial chain, promote the development of clusters, and improve the overall level. 2023 Silk Road Xinjiang Petroleum and Chemical Industry Expo will be held in Xinjiang International Convention and Exhibition Center on September 21-23, 2023, inviting colleagues from the petrochemical industry to come to the scene!



[ Exhibition News ] JRONT appeared at South China International Airport Exhibition



[ Exhibition News ] New force: Jront Control Technology Co.,Ltd debuted CWP2023, a new player in the wind power industry

Jront Control Technology Co.,Ltd a new player in the wind power industry, debuted CWP2023 Beijing International Wind Energy Conference & Exhibition CWP 2023-08-14 10:00 was published in Beijing

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