Motor coil testing
Bolt pre tightening force test

Motor pre maintenance and testing services

Operations and maintenance personnel face a challenging and uncertain path to achieve the best balance between minimizing downtime and controlling operating costs. If you are like many of our customers, minimizing unplanned downtime through maintenance plans and motor reliability plans is the top priority. These plans are by no means easy, but we can help you make them easier.

JRONT company can provide motor testing services, customize different testing service plans according to customer needs, and issue testing reports to customers. Use trend analysis data to help customers find faults.

Our motor testing service uses a motor tester that can automatically track the test data of each motor and generator over time, including partial discharge (PD). The results can be viewed in Microsoft Excel or trend analyzed using database software.

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*When a problem arises, it is necessary to quickly obtain an answer. Troubleshooting and diagnosing problems helps to troubleshoot and identify problems, thereby quickly identifying the root cause of the problem.

*Predictive maintenance for wind energy operations can provide users with trend data through our testing services, so that maintenance personnel can detect weak insulation issues before they escalate into serious ones. This allows wind farm operations to prioritize turbine maintenance and scheduling, rather than taking the risk of unplanned shutdowns.

Service advantages:

*All motor testing equipment for testing services is our company's agent product.

*We have professional on-site testing engineers to provide you with services

*We can provide customers with test reports and assist them in analyzing existing issues

Compliance with standards:

The requirements for the three main standards of surge test voltage:

*ANSI/EASA AR100-2015

*IEEE 522-2004

*IEC 60034-15 3.0 edition 2009

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Bolt pre tightening force testing service

Our bolt inspection team's goal is to ensure more reliable operation of wind turbines and other similar bolt connections!

Through the bolt pre tightening force testing service report we provide, customers can arrange services and maintenance to prevent issues such as bolt fatigue and vibration loosening with precise and correct clamping force and complete traceability of each bolt.

Service advantages:

*Provide actual data on the construction site.

*The testing equipment adopts the company's own products, and the equipment is regularly calibrated and maintained.

*We can customize testing service plans according to customer needs.

*Reduce bolt maintenance cycle

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