Airport pavement detection
Helicopter platform inspection

In recent years, with the rapid development of civil airport aviation business volume and the continuous increase of aircraft takeoff and landing sorties, the runway is used more and more frequently, which causes the runway damage to be aggravated, which has seriously threatened the safety of aircraft. In order to fully understand the surface condition, bearing capacity and other conditions of the airport airfield pavement, and ensure the quality of aircraft takeoff and landing operations, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the airport airfield pavement in a timely manner, and evaluate the inspection effect, so as to provide a basis for subsequent pavement reconstruction.

Aircraft overrun is very harmful, sometimes even disastrous. The most common cause of such accidents is the slippage of contaminated surfaces: the most effective way to prevent such accidents is to use an approved runway friction coefficient tester for routine measurement and take immediate measures against the results. In case of overrun, timely friction measurement report can be used to conduct due diligence on the airport. The pavement shall have certain strength, flatness, roughness and stability to ensure the safety of aircraft takeoff and landing.


It affects the adhesion of aircraft tires to the pavement, and this force decreases with the increase of motion speed. Especially for wet pavement, due to the lubrication of water at the contact between tire and pavement, the pavement friction will be significantly reduced. Therefore, the pavement should have a certain roughness to ensure that the aircraft can stop within the runway after landing.

Our company provides customers with helideck certification test services that comply with ICAO Annex 14, CAP 437 and MCA-LY2 standards.

Helicopter service providers and IOGP stakeholders are obliged to ensure that their offshore helicopter aprons are inspected and certified by the standards of local aviation authorities, or comply with ICAO Annex 14/CAP 437 standards and regulations.

We provide the helicopter apron inspection and annual friction test service once every two years to meet this requirement.

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CAP437 (SEP2018) E8_A1

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