GripTester Mk2 airport test

Findlay Irvine is an expert in airport anti-skid measurement, and has produced continuous friction measurement equipment (CFME) for more than 20 years. GripTester MK2 has strong versatility, robustness and continuous friction measurement. It is currently used in more than 550 airports around the world. It can be used in the field of accident investigation and problem (area), and provide data guarantee for predicting the safety of pavement surface. Reliable wheel wear information can optimize maintenance and make it easy, safe and effective. GripTester Mk2 can use a continuous reading brake wheel to fix on the anti-skid device to determine the surface anti-skid friction. GripTester MK2 from Findlay Irvine is a rapid deployment solution for continuous anti-skid measurement, which allows simple periodic testing and helps provide the data required for regular monitoring. It is very suitable for rural and urban environments because the trailer system can easily manipulate the network. Control the automatic water delivery system to output constant theoretical water film depth under computer control without operator input, making it easier to achieve consistent and comparable results.

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