Model:IS8000 Integrated Software Platform

Place of Origin:Japan


The unification of test instruments ensures measurement coherency during the product development process and allows for effortless data sharing throughout an organization. IS8000 makes it easier to debug and analyze data by viewing all measurements under one unified display.


IS8000 allows you to streamline the product development process by spending less time developing testing systems and more time collecting valuable test data. With one software to set up and control all the instruments you need, you can start measuring data faster and more efficiently.


Storing data in one format and location has never been simpler. IS8000 gives you data you can trust by synchronizing measurements across multiple instruments utilizing an IEEE1588 time base.


With today’s fast-evolving technology, a software that has the ability to expand is crucial. As your needs evolve, so can IS8000. Analyze your data deeper with add-on software packages.

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