Model:Prüfball SPB-UB-S

Place of Origin:Germany

Product introduction

The SPB 1000L-UB-S with its accessories makes voltage testing on third rail installations fast and safe.

* One-piece safety casing made of rubber,extremely impact resistant,dust- and waterproof

* Highest safety against surge voltageCAT IV, 1000 V

* Additional load to determineinterference voltage

* Integrated self-test by green LED and LCD

* very easy to read in dark enviroments

* Extension and magnet for easy testingat third rails

Field of application

Due to the modular design, the SPB-UB can be adapted to different areas of application for testing.

The extension allows greater safety distances to the side busbar.

With the magnet, the grounded side canbe firmly connected. The user can focus better on the voltage test.

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