Model:ΩMegaSafe EP 4 / EP 4Ex

Place of Origin: Germany

Product introduction

The ΩMegaSafe EP 4 is a manageable resistance measuring device for fast testing accordingto EN/IEC 61557-4 of protective and grounding lines, equipotential bonding lines and lines atlightning arrester.

* Safe and universal between 10 mΩ and 2 MΩ

* High measurement current 0,2 A for Lo-Ω-range up to 10 Ω

* Fast compensation ofmeasuring line per keypress

* Automatic pole change andstorage of measurement results

Universal and safe

Measurements between 10 mΩ and 2 MΩwith extreme safety against external voltage

* Lo-Ω-measurement range up to 10 Ωwith high measurement current 0,2 A

* Further measurement ranges upto 2000 kΩ

* Usable in mains up to 400 V

* Acoustic and optic warning in case ofexternal voltage, flashing indication of voltage value

* Robust, manageable casing withattached test prod for heavy demands,IP 65

Three display systems

Unambiguous and rapid recognition of function, result and danger:

1、Bright LED for external voltage, polarity-and Lo-Ω-measurement with 0,2 A

2、Clear display for measurment result and function with backlight

3、Acustic warning signal


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