Model:MultiSafe TT-OB

Place of Origin:Germany

Product introduction

The MultiSafe TT OB is a safe equipment for quick voltage testing on overhead lines of trolleybusses.

Its compact design allows transport in the car and fast on-site use without any additional tools.

* Risk-free testing with safety distance

* Precise indication of voltage up to 1000 V AC / 1500 V DC

* Testing height up to 6,5 mvariable height adjustment

* Ideal for emergency service and fire brigade

* Easy operation with one single push button,self-test for testing function, protective resistors

* Thanks to the telescopic system andremovable crosstubes, it is quick and easy to store compactly


The MultiSafe TT OB is a two-pole telescope voltage tester for overheadlines of trolleybuses. Through his telescope design, the absence of voltage can be detected quickly and safely from the ground without further aids.The protective resistors are cast unbridgeable in the transverse tubes.

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