Model:MultiSafe HS 36

Place of Origin:Germany

Product introduction

With the MultiSafe HS 36, DC and AC voltage up to 36 kV against ground can be tested safely and quickly.

* Precise indication of voltages up to 36 kV AC/DC and frequency up to 200 Hz

* Highest degree of safety provided bymoulded protective resistors within the double-walled GRP-tube surge voltage strength > 500 kV

* robust housing, IP 65


* Surge voltage strength > 500 kVdue to moulded protective resistors

* Integrated self-test to testthe protective resistors, function and connection to earth

* Redundate test system with continuousself-monitoring for indicating the absence of voltage

Three display-systems

* LEDs red for voltage, green forstandby and absence of voltage

* Display for voltage value, frequencyas well as voltage type and polarity

* Acoustic signal for voltage > Ut


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