Model:MultiSafe HS 5

Place of Origin:Germany

5 KV AC / 7 KV DC


The MultiSafe HS 5 high voltage tester is a two-pole high voltage tester in a compact design for use in narrow power stations. Voltage tests up to 5 kV AC / 7 kV DC can be carried out quickly and safely.

Fully automatic measuring sequences and only one button eliminate operating errors. Its integrated self-test enables quick functional testing on site without further testing equipment.

Three display systems guarantee good perception in all environments. Its sealed protective resistors reduce the high voltage to harmless levels.

We guarantee the highest safety through surge voltage tests > 100 kV and the unique TST safety module with constant redundant monitoring.

Technical data

  • nominal voltage range: 50 – 5 000 V AC / 50 – 7 000 V DC

  • display range: 6 – 5 000 V AC / 6 – 7 000 V DC

  • integrated self-test

  • >100 kV surge voltage

  • only for indoor installations

  • straight i−electrode shape for busbars and test holes

  • two-pole version 500 mm


  • precise display of the voltage 6 – 5 000 V AC / 7 000 V DC

  • large two-color illuminated display (red / white), for a clear warning of dangerous voltages

  • clear LED indicator for dangerous voltage

  • acoustic warning of dangerous voltage


  • integrated self-test for quick checking of the protective resistors, the display and the electronics

  • over 100 kV surge voltage resistant

  • highest safety due to molded protective resistors


  • for indoor installations

  • different test electrodes for every application

  • easy operation with just one button

  • stable housing

  • IP 65 – waterproof

Product type

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HS-5                                      HS-5MA                                      HS-5UK

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