Model:Prüfball ZAP 350 Analog

Place of Origin:Germany

Product introduction

The Prüfball ZAP 350 is an extremely safe testing device for fast start-up tests at initial operation of electricity meters,combined with a high-quality voltage tester.

* Direct indication of voltageup to 500 V

* Connectible load of 350 W for fast start-up tests of electricity meters

* Phase, phase sequence and continuity tester

* Thermal and overvoltage protection

* Without battery,maintenance-free lifelong

Exact, precise display

Reliable test by three display systemsand connectible load:

* Direct indication by LCD indicator andLEDs at 50 V

* Direct indication of analog measuringsystem

* Direct indication of load with 350 W by load-LED 1,5 A

* High accuracy through moving-coilinstrument class 2,5


* The display of the voltage is suppliedfrom the mains when checking.Also for the additional functions the Prüfball does not need a battery.

* The integrated Li-battery is charged with every voltage test.

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