Model:MultiSafe DSP 5

Place of Origin:Germany

Product Characteristics

Der MultiSafe DSP 5 is a safetesting device for all applications inpower engineering - easy handling,high-precision, multifunctional and reliable.

* Precise indication of voltage from

                        150 mV up to 1200 V AC

                         30 mV up to 1500 V DC

* Extended measuring range for low- and battery-voltage up to 19,99 V

* Phase, phase sequence tester(possible with gloves)

* Fast continuity test0,01 kΩ up to 1000 kΩ

* Easy operation,large illuminated display withtwo colour display

* Additional load to determine interferencevoltages and RCD-tripping(not DSP 5B)


Fast and safe measuring and testing of:

* Direct and alternating voltage (TRMS)

* Resistance / continuity

* Polarity

* Phase

* Phase sequence groundedfrom 165 up to 1200 V / 50 Hz

* Phase sequence ungrounded(IT power grids)

* Frequency measurement

* Monitored additional load / RCD-tripping(push button on the back)*

* Additional load for start-up tests ofelectronic electricity meters*

* Front spot lightning

* Integrated self-test by buttonpress

* One-hand operation for testing sockets

* Adjustable electrode length*

* Belt clip for easy transport

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