Model:Wire rope NDT equipment - Industrial and offshore cargo lifting

Place of Origin:Italy

Industrial sector

In the industrial sector the rope often represents a fundamental part of the production cycle managing its life cycle is fundamental to maximize production and increase safety.


A complex environment where safety and continuity of service must be absolutely guaranteed.

Our instruments are designed to withstand marine environments and to inspect ropes of large diameters at high speeds.

Lifting of goods


In these environments the ropes are often covered with a layer of grease that makes visual inspection almost impossible. In addition, in anti-frost ropes most defects arise internally due to a phenomenon called fretting.

The MRT instrument detects defects in the rope both internally and externally beyond grease and speed and rope formation.



Device capable of performing non-destructive tests on wire ropes between 6 and 170 mm in diameter.

The device only works on ferromagnetic ropes.

The system allows LF and LMA signal to be measured, detecting internal and external defects, such as broken wires, corrosion, wear and friction fatigue.

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