Model:Micro GripTester Roads

Place of Origin:UK

Product introduction

 The Mcro GripTester has been developed by Findlay Irvine in order to allow engineers measure the skid resistance of almost any surface in a continual test. Designed as a replacement for British Pendulum, Micro GripTester can easily measure Skid Resistance of any surface or markings at walking pace. The Micro GripTester is based utilises exactly the same 15% fixed slip-locked wheel measuring principle as GripTester MkII which is used worldwide to measure skid resistance. The built in touch screen display, is simple to use and stores results either directly onto its inbuilt hard drive or onto any USB storage device. This allows operators to save their surveys directly onto removable hard drive and view the results on a computer.


The Micro GripTester can be used to measure available grip for many applications such as:

* Pedestrian areas

* Road markings

* Markings

* Reinstatements

* Iron works

* Accident sites.

MK2 the Micro GripTester is a push speed continuous friction measuring device that allows reliable collection of friction data in areas unsuitable for larger friction testers. Micro GripTester’s unique design allows it to be used as a one person operation and with no user calibration required it could not be more simple to get consistent, accurate measurements regardless of the site.

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